Together, we can achieve so much more

Cooperation with foundations

Research brings new insights and improves the situation of people with cancer. Let us join forces and together enable more progress.

Swiss Cancer Research supports research projects of very different orientation and methodology: from basic research to clinical and epidemiological research to psychosocial research. All projects aim to improve the survival rates and the quality of life for cancer patients. Together, we are finding cures faster.

To reach our goal more quickly, we collaborate closely with other foundations that share our vision. We refer research projects to foundations or invite them to contribute partial funding to projects. Through the careful evaluation of our research projects by independent and scientifically recognized experts, we ensure that their money is well invested.

The benefit you gain

  • Cancer research in its entire breadth From innovation in the laboratory helping hand at the bedside, from rare to common cancers: we provide you with the opportunity to participate in promising research projects of various orientations.
  • Quality-assured You can be confident that all research projects have undergone evaluation by established experts and adhere to international standards.
  • Your donation in action See the impact of your support by receiving updates on the progress of the research project at regular intervals.
  • Tax exempt Donations to Swiss Cancer Research are tax-exempt.

Become part of the mission

The Swiss Cancer Research foundation supports over 50 new research projects each year. Support us in a project-related, topic-specific or general way: we are happy to respond to your wishes and report transparently on project progress.

Your commitment makes a difference.

Do you have questions about funding opportunities at the Swiss Cancer Research foundation? We look forward to hearing from you!

"Thanks to new insights from research, cancer patients can receive the best possible therapy against cancer. Thank you for supporting independent research."


"Basic research is the breeding ground for innovations that can lead to new therapeutic approaches. Thank you for helping to pave the way for innovations."

Klara Stracuk - Stiftungsfundraising
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