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Consider Swiss Cancer Research in your Will

Supporting independent cancer research fosters progress and enhances the conditions for individuals battling cancer. By including Swiss Cancer Research in your Will, you contribute to this advancement and become a vital part of the solution. Your generosity extends a lifeline, making a difference in lives even beyond your presence. We express our gratitude for your invaluable support!

What do I support when I leave Swiss Cancer Research in my Will?

The Swiss Cancer Research foundation funds promising research projects that are independent of industry influence, spanning all aspects of cancer research—ranging from prevention to diagnosis, treatment, aftercare, and palliative care. Given that the foundation relies heavily on private donations, contributions from bequests play a crucial role in sustaining its mission.

With the donations entrusted to it, Swiss Cancer Research is working tirelessly to ensure that

  • more and more people with cancer can be cured.
  • research takes place that would otherwise not exist.
  • research is also carried out for rare types of cancer
  • patients benefit from international advances.

All research projects funded by the Swiss Cancer Research foundation are reviewed in advance by an independent scientific committee – and only the best are recommended for funding. This ensures that the funds entrusted to us for supporting research projects are well invested.

  • Commitment With Swiss Cancer Research in your Will, you become part of this commitment beyond your lifetime.
  • Tax-exempt Donations to Swiss Cancer Research are exempt from inheritance taxes.

With a gift to Swiss Cancer Research in your Will,

you contribute to the advancement against cancer for future generations to come.

How do I write a Will?

When writing your last Will, it is essential that you observe the legal requirements: Handwrite and do not leave out any mandatory portions.

  • Make a list of people and organizations you want to include.
  • Specifically name your chosen heirs in the Will. Check whether you need to put anyone on the compulsory share in the process. You can also declare only one person or organization as sole heir, as long as this decision does not violate any compulsory shares of other family members.
  • Write the complete Will by hand, date the document and sign it.
  • Notarization by a notary public is only necessary if you want to change the succession or reduce compulsory portions. The family members concerned must all co-sign the document.
  • Talk to your relatives about your decisions.
  • Keep the original where all important personal documents are located. Alternatively, you can also deposit the Will with a notary public or, as a rule, with your local authorities.

Ways of giving

Bequest / Legacy

This involves a fixed amount or certain valuables (e.g. real estate, securities) that you can bequeath to Swiss Cancer Research.


Swiss Cancer Research becomes the sole or co-heiress and thereby receives either the entire estate or a certain quota of the estate.


Large estates can be the reason for setting up a separate fund or foundation. When these are set up, the purpose to be served by the income from the assets is determined.

Brochures, leaflets and advance care documents

Swiss Cancer Research has compiled additional fact sheets and helpful brochures for you. We will also be happy to guide you personally through all the processes to help ensure that your final wishes and loved ones are well looked after.


Contact us to learn more about legacy giving, and how your gift can make a difference.


"I would be delighted to hear from you - and am grateful for the trust that so many people in Switzerland place in us. Thank you."

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