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Support cancer research

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Support cancer research for better treatments and better lives

Whether through a donation, a joint campaign, or an employee initiative – there are various ways your company can actively contribute to a better future for patients with cancer.

Ways of giving

  • General Donation: Contribute a fixed amount or a portion of your profits or revenue.
  • Donations Instead of Gifts: Forego gifts for company anniversaries or holidays and instead donate to cancer research.
  • Fundraising Campaign: Encourage your employees, customers, and business partners to donate as well, for example, by setting up a donation box, sending out a newsletter, or matching your customers’ donations.
  • Donation Campaign: Pledge a fixed percentage or amount for every order or product sold.

Decide how your donation should be utilized, whether for urgent research projects, specifically for the exploration of a particular type of cancer, for a specific research project in your region, or to support the next generation of scientists.

  • Cancer research in its entire breadth From innovation in the laboratory helping hand at the bedside, from rare to common cancers: we provide you with the opportunity to participate in promising research projects of various orientations.
  • Social engagement You demonstrate to your employees, customers, and business partners that your company is doing something good and advocating for patients with cancer.
  • Visibility Depending on the donation campaign, we are happy to provide for a symbolic check, presentation or communicate your initiative on our social media channels.
  • Tax exempt Donations to Swiss Cancer Research are tax-exempt.

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We stand in solidarity with cancer patients,

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