Become a cancer research partner

Lay the foundation for innovative breakthroughs.

A reliable partnership means we can plan ahead, committing to long-term research projects with promising potential that could help save more lives.

Facilitate progress

Despite tremendous strides in cancer research over the past decades, the consequences of the disease remain dramatic and sometimes fatal for those affected. Researchers are working tirelessly to make therapies more precise and effective. Help advance progress in the fight against cancer.

Find out how your donation fuels progress.

The advantage of LSV/DD+

Transfer your donation with LSV/DD+. This way, you avoid fees for Swiss Cancer Research. Just fill out this form and send it back to us signed. We’ll take care of the rest and initiate the direct debit process.

Beating cancer better, smarter, at an earlier stage

There is no such thing as a small donation. Your donation - no matter how much - makes a difference. Step by step, we are finding cures.

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