Making lasting imprints on the lives of others

At the heart of great research successes

As a philanthropist, harnessing one's own capabilities and engaging sustainably for patients with cancer provides the springboard to new research achievements. This way, larger strides can be taken towards a future with less suffering and more hope for healing.

Way of giving

  • General donations By making an unrestricted donation, you enable us to use the funds for research projects that need them most.
  • Earmarked donations An earmarked donation is used for the project of your choice. Cancer research projects - a selection. Projekte aus der Krebsforschung - eine Auswahl (pdf).
  • Establishment of a fund With large sums of money, you can also set up your own fund at Swiss Cancer Research. In this case, you determine together with us the purpose for which the income from the assets is to be used - this is also possible as a consumption fund for a limited period.

Here you will find more information about what has been implemented and achieved so far and how we fulfill our responsibility:

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